Aarhus Havn

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Converse All Star Shoes, Lee Cooper Jeans, Bershka Shirt, Retro Sunglasses


Today was finally a little more quiet (not a lot of stuff to do) and I decided with a friend to go to the Harbour and shoot some photos. The weather was alright, but this nordic wind always ruins my hair and I hate it :D. 

I ensembled a look with my new Converse shoes, which I actually bought from Venice (some photos from there will also come) covered with the flag of England, some burgundy jeans and a Bershka summer shirt. I have to say, I hate those shirts that have short sleeves, but this kind which are only for summer are quite awesome. It’s basically a look that you can wear almost everywhere for the summer (of course, I’m not talking about weddings and other fancy events).


Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence.” – George Clinton

Photo: Teodora Hertanu



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