Eurotrip with dad

Landshut, GermanyDSC_0675_2DSC_0697_2

DSC_0717_2Here are two photos of my dad 😀 (Still in Landshut, Germany)DSC_0724_2From the road to Innsbruck DSC_0841_2 DSC_0842_2 DSC_0862_2 DSC_0910_2 DSC_0913_2

And here is a photo of me already in Italy (Brennero) and the rest are from the road to RomeDSC_0020_2 DSC_0038_2 DSC_0041_2 DSC_0042_2 DSC_0049_2 DSC_0089_2 DSC_0091_2 DSC_0099_2 DSC_0115_2 DSC_0122_2 DSC_0176_2 DSC_0179_2 DSC_0212_2

Hello, hello!

I’ve promised a few photos from my Eurotrip with my father so here they are. Even though it was unplanned, it was quite great cause we got to spend some time together. (well, those pictures are only from Germany and Italy, but we have also been in Denmark, Austria and Hungary). I don’t have that many from the last three countries cause we didn’t spend too much time there.


Have a great week!


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