The Pink… Panther


DSC_0584_2DSC_0556_2 DSC_0551_2 DSC_0549_2 DSC_0545_2 DSC_0543_2 DSC_0541_2 DSC_0539_2
DSC_0599_2Ralph Lauren Sweater, Emporio Armani Watch, Zara Jeans, Michael Zingaro Envelope, H&M Shirt, H&M Sunglasses

Well, it’s been three weeks now since my last post, but I have good reasons. 😀 I’ve travelled quite a bit with my father, completely unplanned, for like a week and a half and after that I arrived in my home country. I will upload some photos soon enough from Germany, Austria and Italy.

These are my last photos that were taken in Denmark and I choose to wear something different, or different than the usual anyway. I wore a pink Ralph Lauren sweater with my brown envelope (which is actually a great “laptop bag” for my new Mac) and just added the black and white to balance the pink.

PS: One of my friends made a joke when she saw a picture of my look and she called me “The Pink Panther”, so therefore the title! 😀

Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“Only real men wear pink.” – Donovan Deegan


Photo: Teodora Hertanu

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