Sherlock Inspired





A few days ago I started watching Sherlock (the TV-Show) and I have to say that it’s really awesome! I finished all three seasons in like 3 days. Unfortunately, the next season will air in 2016 so I kinda have to wait a little longer to see what happens, but so far it was brilliant!

Usually, Sherlock’s looks are quite simple, but I still liked them so I figured why not inspire from him and make a look of my own? I just had to put a suit, a trench, a shirt together and I was good to go! Simple, classy and well, sophisticated at the same time.


Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“You, being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.”

– John Watson

Photo: Teodora Hertanu

4 thoughts on “Sherlock Inspired

      • Not at all, and I know – life gets in the way before I remember to pop in to some of my favourite blogs! Haha oh God, I’m glad you think so but I’m afraid I have a bit of a nasal accent! x

      • Yea, I know that feeling.. Well, as long as you’re healthy and ok it’s all fine! Haha, believe me, your accent it’s lovely, just like you!

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