Class, not swag


Asos Watch, C&A Paisley Tie, Christian Berg Pants, Bruno Errigo Italy Shoes, Retro Sunglasses, H&M Shirt, H&M Belt

Good evening!

This month unfortunately is kinda full because I have a project and after that an exam so I won’t have time to post so frequently, but I’ll try anyway. 

I wanted to create some business look once again, (go figure) so I went with blue and brown (the new black they say) and I think it looks quite awesome. I have to say, I just love this paisley tie because it fits great with a lot of outfits. In my opinion it’s really classy. 

You can wear this look for a school day, dinner, date or in some casses it can even be worn at the office. Of course, that depends on your job. 

Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“Swag is for boys, class is for men.” – Unknown

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