Levi’s Pants, Calvin Klein Jeans, Asos Watch, H&M Bracelet, Deluxe Bag, Pablo Castilla Shoes, Retro Sunglasses,

Quick post today!

I’m leaving tomorrow for my home country and I couldn’t be more excited! B-) I still have something more to pack and to decide on some clothes, but it’s ok so far! I’m going to be back next week and this will be my last post before leaving.

It was really sunny yesterday so I decided to ensemble some clean Levi’s pants with a Calvin Klein T-shirt/Polo and a quite big bag. Since it was warm outside I also wanted to roll my pants a little bit. To be honest, until last year I hated how it looked, but I guess I just wasn’t used to it.

Ok, have a nice Easter and Holiday, see you soon!

Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable.”

―  L.M. Montgomery


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