The Tourist II


ImageImageImageImageImageTailored Pants, Pablo Castillia Shoes, Archer Blazer, H&M Shirt, Floral Handkerchief, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Deluxe Bag, Casio Edifice Watch, Hilditch & Key Tie

On Wednesday I had to go for an interview in Timișoara (that’s about 370 km away from my city) because I want to study in Denmark from August and two professors came in our country only for this.

I was really, really nervous about the interview so my “skills” in choosing something to wear were very bad that day. 50% of my outfit is the same as “The Tourist”, but I have made a few changes. I didn’t know if I ought to wear a suit or not so I’ve decided to wear my grey suit pants with a blazer, you know, not too casual, not too formal.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anybody with me with a great camera so I had to take some photos with my iPhone.

Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“Today women want more than adoration from a designer – they want insight.” – Blair Alistair

5 thoughts on “The Tourist II

  1. You’ve got a really great blog; I’m impressed as usually guys don’t do modeling but all these styles really suit you. Keep up with it! 🙂
    Could you have a look at my blog too, and follow me or leave a comment, a like, or anything at all? I’m new to this and it would mean a lot to me ^^.

    • Haha, thank you so much! I really appreciate that! Yea, I know that most guys don’t really care about how they look and it’s a little sad, but we can’t do anything, only inspire. I was really busy these past few months, although I hope I’ll come back soon with more looks :D.

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