Plaid & Ascot


ImageImageSmog Shirt, Zara Pants, Hirsch Watch, Ray-Ban Copy, Ascot Scarf, Domina Italy Blazer


So our weather has finally decided to be kinder and I’ve heard that is going to be like this all summer. Until the 8th of July I don’t have the time that I want to take all the photos with the looks that I thought (that’s when I found out the results for my final exams), but after that day I promise I’ll try to post as many looks as I can. That is if I find someone who has the patience to take photos of me so frequently.

Today’s post is again simple because my blazer has 4 colors: blue, yellow, red and green, so I say that there are enough colors for one look. That “something different” about this look is my ascot scarf. Unfortunately, people consider this scarf to be “weird”, “pretentious”, but that’s not what I think, of course. If you go to an event, birthday, wedding and you want to look different than the other participants I totally recomand you too buy one of these.

Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“A classic suit which a businessman wears has nothing to do with fashion. For me, fashion should not be about business.”  – Dirk Bikkembergs

Photo: David Poienar

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