Art Event


ImageImageImageBonprix Collection Purple Shirt, Christian Berg Navy Pants, Marc O’Polo Grey Cardigan, Pablo Castillia Brown Shoes, Striped Tie, Purple Handkerchief, Grey Handkerchief, Gafnslen + Volter Cashmere Wool Blazer

A few days ago I attended an Art Gallery, which for me, was just another excuse to dress a little more elegant (not that I needed one), but still, it was quite interesting.

I chose to wear a cashmere wool blazer with a purple shirt, some navy pants with brown shoes and this time I was wearing two handkerchiefs to be different, of course.

I’m not really in the mood to say more about this look, so those pictures will have to speak for themselves.

Today’s Fashion Quote is:

“Money can buy you all the fashion in the world, but it can’t buy you a thread of style” – Unknown

Photo: David Poienar

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