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H&M Shirt, Marzotto Navy Overcoat, Striped Tie, Tailored Suit, White Handkerchief, G&S Shoes, Ray-Ban Copy, Burgundy Watch

Although it’s April already, our weather still hasn’t got any better and it has been raining since the beginning of March. I finally had some free time, the rain stopped a little and I went to the park with one of my friends to take some photos.

I chose to wear one of my tailored grey suits (one of my favorites actually) with a grey-striped shirt and of course,  I put on a tie. Like I said, it was a bit cold, so I took my navy overcoat with a white handkerchief.

Today’s fashion quote is:

“In New York in the Forties or Fifties, everybody’s in a suit, an overcoat and a hat.” – John Malkovich

Photos: David Poienar

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