The Beginning



Alvit Alpaca Wool Blazer, Angelo Litrico Purple Sweater, Kansas Azur Skinny Jeans, Brown Boots, Azur/Turquoise Handkerchief, Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case, Tissot Watch

My real name is Alex Iuga, but as you can see I personalized my name a little so it can look more special. Since my “last” name is December, obviously I love that month, that time of the year and everything about it.

More about me you’ll find out along the way, so follow my blog.

Ok, let’s get started.

In these pictures I was wearing a purple sweater and a wool blazer because it was a little cold outside and it had just rained. Our weather is a little insecure and it comes and goes as it pleases. I also matched a handkerchief with my azur pants and the blazer with a pair of brown boots. Of course, I couldn’t let the sweater alone so I paired it with my purple Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case.


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